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  Projects Archive


Multiple channel video installation, 2003

In a dark room large video projections show the coming and going of fish swimming against streams of fast flowing water. The videos are continuous loops showing each a different image of fish swimming in and out of the projection frame.


Transcendental Landscape

3 channel video installation, 10 minutes, July 2001

A collaboration with Robert Boyd, Ashley Hunt and Thomas Peutz. The installation was part of the exhibition ‘Garden Built For You’ that opened September 1, 2001 at Smart project Space in Amsterdam. It is an uncanny example of how meanings and interpretations of a work change with a change in context.



The Arrow
Single channel video, 1992-96
A slide of an arrow is projected on the floor in the main hall of Grand Central Station in NYC.
To be viewed in a continuous loop.


Single channel video, 5 minutes, 1997

The video shows two men playing chess; Radovan Karadzic and Radco Mladic, the psychiatrist and the general. Silence is interrupted by a voice with a heavy accent. Karadzic is a psychiatrist, a poet and the former Bosnian Serb leader. Mladic is a general and the former commander of the Bosnian Serb Army. The two men together are accused of having designed and ordered most of the atrocities that took place in Bosnia. The video juxtaposes classic war strategy, greed and vanity with consequences in reality by suggesting horror through denial.

The Manipulator
Single channel video 2 minutes, 1993-96

An Urban Spectacle. Videotaped at Grand Central Station, NYC. Poeoke video.


A collaboration with Mark Baumgartner
Super-8 film, 10 minutes, 1990

The starting point was the sound: we asked people in the streets of NYC the question: "What are your desires?" Afterwards the images were added.

Photo Archive

Rothorn series
c-prints, 2003



c-print, 2001


Works on Paper

Untitled (Lenin's Coat)
Pencil, oil pastel, photo copy on paper
22in x 28in, 1993

Monumental Propaganda, an exhibition of proposals for recycling Russian Monuments, instigated byKomar and Melamid and organized by Independent Curators INC.


Majakovsky Steps Down from His Pedestal to Let the People Speak

Color photocopy collage
17in x 17in, 1993

Monumental Propaganda, an exhibition of proposals for recycling Russian Monuments, organized by Komar and Melamid and Independent Curators INC.


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