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Face to Face
Face to Face I, two channel video installation 2013
Face to Face II, three channel video installation 2013

Face to Face is the title of Liselot van der Heijden's first solo exhibition at Kent Fine Art, in which the artist mines the unexpected power of stillness in two new video installations, one three-channel and the other two.


Les Uns et Les Autres
Three channel video installation, 2011

Les Uns et Les Autres (The Ones and The Others) explores disparities between the observer and the observed, and of those on the sidelines and those who are fully engaged in political protest and Occupy Wall Street.

Liselot van der Heijden: False Metaphors
Artist monograph, 2010

This book consists of visual documentation of fifteen art projects by Liselot van der Heijden, with texts by the artist and essays about the artwork by art historian Martha Buskirk and independent curator and director of Percent for Art in New York, Sara Reisman.

Multiple channel video installation, 2009

The central subject of the installation is a trophy deer’s head, whose image is de-contextualized, displaced, fragmented and manipulated from multiple positions simultaneously.

One channel video, 2008-2011

Imagine is a meditation on the power of the image and the irreversible nature of violence.

Untitled, Che, New York
Installation of 16 photos and video, 2007

The installation juxtaposes icons of Che within the context of contemporary Manhattan tourist shops with the audio and English translation of Che Guevara addressing the 19th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York on December 11, 1964.

See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil
An installation at LMAK Projects consisting of 3 videos:

Serpent, single channel video, 2006, 25 minutes, looped

Trap, a 2 channel video installation, 2006, 20 minutes, looped

See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil, single channel video, 2006,  1.5 minutes, looped

The project is a parody of the deceptive and manipulative use of Good and Evil to frame foreign and domestic policy, especially when the word evil is not used in the sense of evil deeds, but when evil is thought of as not-human, as a thing, or a force, something that has a real existence, something different from the brutal, vicious, indifferent and selfish acts that human beings are capable of.


Primate Visions
Multiple channel video installation, 2005

The video footage was shot in zoological gardens in New York City, Amsterdam and Basel. The videos look at the apes through the gaze of the tourist, but show the spectacle of the visitors viewing and attempting to interact with, and even imitating the animals.

Site Specific Installation, 2004
Single channel video, 4 minutes, 2004

"America" is a parody of the 2004 State of the Union Address in which George Bush mentions the word "America" 61 times. In this video everything in the speech is removed except the word “America" and the pauses or applause that follow or precede the word.


Feast. Hommage à Marcel Broodthaers

Installation, 2004
Single channel video, 3 minutes, 2004

Feast. Hommage à Marcel Broodthaers is a satire. At a time when "people have to watch what they say..." (former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer) it is even more interesting to watch what is said by what is not said. The work juxtaposes a series of statements -- "this has nothing to do with oil," "a vulture is not an eagle" and "this is not political" -- with a


One channel video installation, 2003

Aporia uses a repeated loop of a zebra at the moment of taking its last breath to establish an uncanny situation. Van der Heijden destabilizes the relationship between the viewer and the image, interrupting the passive role of the spectator by confronting the viewer with the gaze of the dying animal.

Audio installation, 20 minutes, 2004

"What are your fears?" Hundreds of people in the streets of NYC were asked this question. The answers were edited for an audio installation for Terrorvision, an exhibition at Exit Art in NYC. While listening the audience can walk around rather than being situated at a fixed point.
Rear Window

Installation, 2001

In a clip of Hitchcock's "Rear Window" the original crime scene is replaced by real-time video of the installation's window. The audience is 'framed' in the context of the fictional constructed image and the window becomes a stage. The scenes interact following the logic of cinematic continuity: the actors look at the viewer, and the viewer looks back at the actors.

Monument Valley

Installation, 1999-2001
Single channel video, 8 minutes, 2001

Most Westerns transform a genocidal history into heroic fiction, using the myth of the frontier as a justification. The Monument Valley project is a parody of this kind of transformations and blurs the boundaries between past and present, fictional history and contemporary reality, and popular culture and fine art.


Installation, 1997
Single channel video, 5 minutes, 1997

"Nature" was video taped in the Rocky Mountain National Park and documents an actual event: an elk is grazing. What follows is the spectacle that was triggered by this: tourists looking at, photographing, and video taping the animal that is indifferent to the commotion. There is also text: a dictionary definition of nature. Special thanks to the Experimental Television Center Ltd.

Single Channel videos:
See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil
Primate Visions: Close Up
Feast. Hommage à Marcel Broodthaers
Monument Valley

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