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Installation view

video still

Nubian Heritage store

Nubian Heritage store

Nubian Heritage store


2 versions:
Site Specific Installation, 2004
Single channel video, 4 minutes, 2004

"America" is a parody of the 2004 State of the Union Address in which George W. Bush mentions the word "America" 61 times. In this video everything in the speech is removed except the word "America" and the pauses or applause that follow or precede it.

Words were carefully chosen, and the speech was constructed with skillful control and manipulation. Addressing congress and the citizens of the United States there was a lot of applause but no mention of the words "casualties"; " Osama bin Laden"; "Palestine"; "Israel"; "fiscal responsibility"; "balanced budget"; "debt"; "minimum wage"; "the unemployed"; "corporate accountability" or "environment" just to name a few.

Why use the word "America" 61 times? Why the need to strategically deploy nationalistic feelings and illusionary unity? Whose "America" is George W. Bush referring to? What is his message to the rest of the world?

Site specific installation
As part of Jamaica Flux: Work Spaces and Windows, the "America" video was installed at Nubian Heritage, a black owned store with African American products in Jamaica (NYC) during election time in 2004. The video was placed among CD's with political speeches by Malcolm X and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The purpose of placing the video in this context is to encourage critical reflection, call attention to diversity, and the importance of intellectual freedom, free speech and freedom of expression.


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