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2 versions:
Installation, 1997
Single channel video, 5 minutes, 1997

"Nature" was video taped in the Rocky Mountain National Park and documents an actual event: an elk is grazing. What follows is the spectacle that was triggered by this: tourists looking at, photographing, and video taping the animal that is indifferent to the commotion. There is also text: a dictionary definition of nature. Special thanks to the Experimental Television Center Ltd.

"Nature" can also be viewed in the form of an installation: video stills are projected (in the form of slides) on opposite walls: On one wall the animal with the text, on the opposite wall the tourists. The projections are very large; the exact size of the walls. Inside the room, it is impossible to see the two walls simultaneously. One is either looking (with the tourists) at the deer, or one is looked at (with the deer) by the tourists. One can walk through the room but only on the side there is no projection on the viewer. This project was installed at Momenta Art, Brooklyn, April 1996 and was realized with the support of the Experimental Television LTD.

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