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video still

"Feast. Hommage à Marcel Broodthaers"

2 versions:
Installation, 2004
Single channel video, 3 minutes, 2004

"Feast. Hommage à Marcel Broodthaers" is a satire. Exploiting false metaphors and 'Nature' as a cultural/political idea and anthropomorphic projection, the eagle (heroic symbol on the presidential seal) is mirrored with the vulture, symbol of death and rapacity. At a time when "people have to watch what they say..." (former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer) one has to watch what is said by what is not said. The work juxtaposes a series of statements -- "this has nothing to do with oil," "a vulture is not an eagle" and "this is not political" -- with a continuous video loop showing a close up of a group of vultures ferociously fighting to seize a bite.

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Installation view

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